The Volk’s Electric Railway Association

Hon. Vice President: Mr. Bernard Volk

 The Volk’s Electric Railway Association – or VERA as it has become known – was launched upon an unsuspecting public on September 16th 1995. Since then it has become an active participant in the restoration, promotion and operation of the line. Pictured right, the Association’s first Chairman, Tim Steven (left), holds the inaugural day headboard with current Volk’s Manager Stuart Strong.

“The fantastic condition of this narrow gauge railway is testament not just

to engineering know-how of its inventor Magnus Volk, but to the dedicated

work of volunteers who help maintain the railway today.” John Wood

Chairman of the Institution’s Engineering Heritage Committee

indexpagemagnusmagnusoldEngineering Heritage Award

Pictured left & centre: Magnus Volk.

Right: Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Engineering Heritage Award. Photo by
Tony Mould

“We are proud to work alongside the railway’s dedicated full-time

staff to preserve the line for future generations.” Ian Gledhill

Volk’s Electric Railway Association Conservation & Support Group