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Who’s Who

Who does what at Volk's Electric Railway Association

VERA is a Registered Charity (No. 1186970), and as such is administered by a board of trustees. Each of these trustees has an important role to play within VERA , and are assisted by several other non-trustees.

Please note that VERA is an independent organisation that was set up to assist Brighton & Hove City Council, and the management and staff of Volk’s Electric Railway, with the restoration and continued operation of the World’s Oldest Operating Electric Railway.

Chairman & Volunteer Co-ordinator                   Mike Mills                            millssilvester@aol.com

Secretary & Events Co-ordinator (Temp)         Tim Steven                          tim.steven@hotmail.com

Membership Secretary                                               Phil Hamerton                    membership.vera@gmail.com

Treasurer                                                                           Dave Cowstick                    dave.cowstick@gmail.com

Historian                                                                            Barrie McFarlane               sheba.mcfarlane72@gmail.com

Webmaster (Temp)                                                        Derek Smith                        dereksmith@medwaypier.co.uk

Editor, Volk’s News                                                        David Bailey                         david16bailey@gmail.com