The long-awaited return to service of Car 4, the railway’s oldest car built in 1892, occurred on Thursday 22nd March when it successfully completed its commissioning trials.

Car 4 has been fully restored by Alan Keef Ltd in Ross-on-Wye, a process that took almost 18 months, and the electrical fit-out has taken nearly 2 months.  A new control system has been designed in collaboration with T.A. Boxall Ltd of Horley.

Thursday was a bright sunny day, ideal for putting Car 4 through its paces. Several return runs were made between the Aquarium and Black Rock stations; on the way a number of alterations to the speed ‘notches’ were made but apart from these tweaks it performed perfectly.  Grown men and women were observed drooling as the pristine car traversed the line, its bells ringing to herald its approach!

Car 4 was in a derelict state when it was removed from the railway in May 2016, having been out-of-service for more than a decade.  Now it will have pride of place.

Cars 6 and 10 are will follow shortly so look out for these later in the year.

The images show Car 4 at Black Rock station after the first run. 

Author: Volks