We are very pleased to have the photographic services of Alice Volk, the great-great-granddaughter of Magnus Volk.  Alice was very excited to learn of the Heritage Lottery Grant and approached VERA a few weeks ago to see if she could be of any help with capturing views of Volk’s Railway ‘before and after’ the new works.  Alice’s timing was perfect as we are just starting to prepare the specifications for cars 4, 6 and 10, which are due to be fully restored to working order.

DSCF2894Each car is being minutely examined and Alice will be photographing every part to ensure that we have a complete record of the work that is required.  Alice said “It is lovely to be working as a photographer for Volk’s Railway over this exciting time of the planned changes.   Every picture I take will include an identification sticker on which is written a unique code that can be cross-referenced to the specifications.”

The photography work is taking place every Monday morning and is likely to take several months to complete.  During that time each of the three cars will emerge from the confines of the shed to allow for good natural lighting conditions. 


Author: Volks