3-CAR SERVICE ON VETERAN CAR DAY Sunday 3rd November 2019

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Volk’s Electric Railway has its own veteran cars, of a different type to those that will make their way down from London to Brighton on the first Sunday in November. For the first time in over 25 years the railway will be operating a 3-car public service, a truly historic occasion that will enable more passengers to see the old cars lined up on Madeira Drive.

In the days when the railway was owned and operated by Magnus Volk all 10 cars in the fleet at that time would be pressed into service, using the ‘line-of-sight’ principle to control cars entering and leaving the stations and passing loops.  Sadly, the line now deviates from its original path at Yellowave and with only one platform at Aquarium and Black Rock stations it is no longer possible to work such an intensive service.  Instead, drivers will be using the ‘block token’ system to safely gain access to the passing loops.  Tokens are exchanged at each passing loop thus allowing  drivers to proceed with the correct colour tokens in their possession.

A travel experience not to be missed!

It is most likely that Cars 7+8, 9 and 10 will be used, representing the years 1901, 1910 and 1926 respectively (though this could change according to availability on the day).

The service will operate from 10.30am to 3.30pm and cars will be driven by three of VERA’s most experienced drivers.  However, if the weather becomes inclement on the day then the service may be abandoned.

Photograph shows tokens being exchanged at the Aquarium Loop during a test run.

Author: Volks